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The old saying goes you can choose your friends and heck even your employees but not your family. What happens when you hire a family member to work for you? Family may bring a lot to the table. But it may also have a negative effect on your business and relationship. Hiring family may allow for discord in and out of the office that negatively affect the way your business runs. Considering the following points may help you decide whether or not hiring family is a good road to go down or a quick ticket to a “time out” for you and your business.

The Upside of Hiring Mom:

You know and love her and hopefully she’s got your back. You trust mom handling your cash.

She may already understand your company and how it works. You wouldn’t need to spend as much time training her with how you are going to conquer the world.

Your company will have another handy crew member, while your family will be earning extra money and may be helping them out.

Mom has a strong commitment to you as an individual, and, most likely, wants you to win. She’s a team player, and as your mom she is already used to long hours and multi tasking. She might work for lower pay, getting your business to profit sooner.

Disadvantages of Hiring Mom

Mom knows best. She’s been giving you direction since day one and sometimes you think she stills sees you as a kid on your first day of school.

Dad may be “King of the Castle” but Mom may take advantage of her status too, knowing that it is more difficult to fire someone who is close to you. Especially if she is “Queen of her Throne.”

There is a bad rap in some businesses because Mom behaves as if she is not tied to her job performance. This can cause situations where the job at hand doesn’t match her skills plus other team mates may question your choices.

Other employees may “see green” when you hire Mom, thinking it is favoritism. Especially if Mom becomes promoted to lead front desk concierge over one of her co-workers who has been there longer.

“You didn’t clean your room.” You had a fight at home and brought it to work. This may make it uncomfortable for other staff and challenging for the business at hand.

You can’t stop progress, or can you? Times may be changing but Mom may be stuck in 2001. It can be more difficult to create change or bring new systems into the workplace when it might negatively affect your Mom’s performance when she works for you.

Navigate the Nepotism Maze.

Only hire Mom if she really is good at the intended job opportunity. Then you won’t face letting her go if it doesn’t work out because she did not have the skills.

Put her on 90 days trial and be up front about it.

“Even Steven” let Mom know everyone will be treated the same. There will be no “she likes you best in the office.”

Even Mom needs a job description that explains what she needs to do for the company, as well as her compensation because we won’t get her best if we treat her like a charity. Mom won’t need Botox to ease the frown lines with a written agreement in place. It can ease tension and make her duties less personal and more professional.

Who’s wearing the Cape? There can be a super power struggle between a parent and a child or any family member for that matter, analyzing these implicit power dynamics before you start working Mom into your office will help you “use your crystal ball” to see how your family working together will play out.

Jump on these words of wisdom and be cautious about hiring Mom, and you will most likely avoid some of the most slippery slopes reported by people who have already paid the price. Hiring hard so you can manage easy is always part of best management practices for a business. Working this out up front will save lots of time, frustration and make for happier Sunday dinners.


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