A savvy business owner’s strategy for success should include architectural plans by experts within the industry. Many times architects have tremendous expertise but lack the understanding of a spa or wellness center layout simply because they do not partake in them as patrons. Our team of architects and designers have been working in these specific fields for over two decades. Let us take you step by step through the process of designing that fulfills your vision of the medical spa or wellness business’ physical space. Unlike many firms who work on percentages of the projects costs we charge flat fees for our services so no matter your material choices in the scope of the project the fees do not go up with them. In addition we are here to save you money by searching out the best price options for materials and do not make money off vendors when choosing them for your space. You will receive the best prices we can negotiate. Choosing our services will save you time, money, and design mistakes that do not need to be rectified because of the innate understanding and experience we have within the industry.

Design Phase I – Schematic Design

Breakdown of Included Services

  • Area/Sq. Footage analysis – to determine if the chosen facility will be able to accommodate all the services included on the projects ‘wish list’.
  • We include the development of a floor plan, equipment recommendations and an analysis of best uses for your chosen space. Your floor plan will incorporate expert advice with design theme, space efficiency and flexibility, client flow, storage and dispensaries, employee space, amenities, retail, and entry/exit considerations.
  • If no space has been selected, Durocher can accurately recommend the required square footage for a facility that will house the support and services you desire.
  • Develop thematic concept and design specifications.
  • Conceptual Plans – Create initial flow, furniture and equipment layout based on project ‘vision, goals and objectives’ and ‘wish list’ as recommended by you.
  • Plan will include general millwork and equipment layout (plan view only) and overall room dimensions only.
  • Complete up to 3 similar revised layouts.
  • Deliverables for Schematic Design Package – These plans and revisions will be provided to the client in the form of an e-mail with the associated plan files attached as printable 8 ½” x 11” Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
  • All copies of color scheme and materials selections will be organized and published to a private Durocher Spa Consulting.com webpage for your use.

Design Phase II – Design Development

Breakdown of Included Services

  • Select and coordinate interior finish materials including specifying manufacturer’s colors, patterns and textures for floors, walls, cabinetry, fabric, etc.
  • Guide selection of A.D.A. compliant fixtures, furnishings and equipment.
  • Create 3D photorealistic computer generated color renderings for views of two areas to be selected by the client. The actual material selections will be closely represented in the rendering, although they will not be exact due to variances in computer monitors, color calibration and printers.
  • Two material selection changes to the renderings at no additional fee. Additional edits to the rendering materials and ANY edits to the 3D model will be considered additional services and will be billed at normal hourly rate. You would receive notice before spending time that would incur any extra hourly rate charges.
  • Deliverables for Design Development Documents. ‘Electronic’ PDF sample boards and revisions will be provided to the client in the form of printable 11” x 17” Adobe Acrobat files.
  • Once near-final decisions for materials have been made, actual samples of the materials will be shipped to the client for final review and endorsement before finishes are ordered and implemented.
  • Six (6) 11 x 17 Renderings – Two (2) rendering views with three (3) different materials selection changes each for a total of 6 renderings in the form of printable 11” x 17” Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Design Phase III – Construction Specifications

Breakdown of Included Services Utilizing your approved ‘Phase II Design Development plan and the materials selections the following will be provided:

  • Prepare equipment installation plans based upon on your selections. This includes equipment ‘rough-in’ and reinforcing partial elevations, sections and/or details as required pertaining only to equipment being provided by Durocher.
  • Prepare suggested partition types and partition layout drawings.
  • Prepare suggested wall and floor finish materials schedule/plan.
  • Prepare lighting schedule and reflected ceiling plan.
  • Quality Assurance checking of all plans.
  • Deliverables for Construction Specifications Package Documents – The drawings created as a result of Phase III will be provided in the form of an e-mail including 24” x 36” ‘D’ size 600 DPI black and white PDF files.
  • Guidance throughout the building process and continuous liaison with all contractors and your representatives.
  • Coordinate order preparation, delivery and installation of finished cabinetry and materials with vendor(s).
  • Coordinate vendor and manufacturer specification documentation and rough-in drawings.
  • Liaison with third party manufacturers. Verification and review of material orders to confirm manufacturer material texture and color codes before equipment, cabinetry, countertops, wall coverings, & flooring prior to final purchase order(s)/drawing(s) submission.

Our professionals are licensed in New York, Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas. We work with partner affiliates in other states for final approval of plans prior to submission for construction permitting.


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