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Thank you for all you do and heading Solia Spa in the right direction. I love the newsletter. One new client called a few minutes after the newsletter was sent; she found us on Google! Another former client saw the before and after photos and signed up for the Smooth Skin series package of 12 for $1565.00 and is coming to Solia next week. July normally is a slow month, so I’m happy about the newsletter results!

Your Media Marketing Transformation Plan

Where you communicate with your clients is as important as how you communicate in a socially wired world. You need to be where your present and future customers are liking, sharing, asking and searching online. The questions many business owners need answers for are:

  • “How do I reach my customers online and what do I say to them?”
  • “What online opportunities am I missing to reach new customers?”
  • “How do I measure my online programs to know I am getting a return on my investment?”
  • “When do I know that a lead turns into a customer?”
  • “Who are my best prospects and how do I reach them within my budget?”
  • “Where are my present and future customers hanging out online?”

With all the hype about social media, online reputations, ecommerce and more, you may feel like the ugly duckling in the digital lake that everyone else seems to know how to navigate. Most business owners know about how to operate their business but are not social media experts. No problem. We have created a program that is simple and accountable. S.W.A.N. will get you in the swim of digital marketing tailored to your specific business and customer. We work with you to develop a strategy to achieve YOUR goals within YOUR budget. You decide what is important and we show you how to get it – whether it is new clients, brand awareness, online reputation, and positive reviews – whatever advances your business objective. All our programs are performance based with specific metrics to measure results!

S.W.A.N. Program Toolbox:

  • A monthly digital newsletter created and sent to your existing data base, designed to generate interest in new and existing services and promote and highlight your brand.
  • Consistent, customized activity on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (with an optional Google ad program) to drive traffic to your website and your business.
  • Regular activity reports that will enable you to assess your progress at all times.

S.W.A.N. Results:

  • Generate interest and awareness for your business.
  • Inform, educate, excite and “upgrade” your clients.
  • Create the type of valuable, customized content that leads to explosive online results.
  • Generate low-cost leads.
  • Convert social media reach and website traffic into sales success.

The beautiful part of S.W.A.N. is the results are all about growth and retention in a self-perpetuating model. This frees up your time to do what you do best – running your business.

The S.W.A.N. Investment: Simple, Straightforward, Accountable

The uncomplicated S.W.A.N. fee schedule ensures that your campaign will be continually optimized to produce results. Together, we will assess your sales and promotional needs and create the best strategy for your services and products. Campaign goals are specific and measurable. Your monthly fee covers the overall campaign strategy; creation, design and execution of your monthly e-newsletter and strategy and execution of your social media campaigns. A minimum 6 month contract is required and campaigns recur monthly. Campaigns can be cancelled without penalty with notification 30 days prior to the recurrence date. Investment: from $2,000. per month


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