The Ultimate Business Building Program

Complete Medical and Spa Training Courses for the Owner and Manager

Do you want to run a more successful medical spa or wellness practice? Does your business have a profitable emotional and financial bottom line? Are people empowered through your leadership and communication? Would you like to enhance your knowledge in business management and leadership and surround yourself with successful like-minded people? Are you ready to take your skills and abilities to the next level and help others to create success? If you answered “yes” to all or a majority of these questions, Durocher Enterprises has an incredible opportunity with a medical aesthetics and spa training course!

Success Creates Opportunity

Durocher Enterprises has created the Ultimate Business Building Training Program designed to educate you in the learning all aspects of successful medical aesthetic and spa management operations. This program will help you run your business with more confidence and effectiveness and be prepared to reach out to your team and support them in achieving success.

Durocher Enterprises has supported medical, spa and cosmetic practice professionals internationally for over 20 years. We offer diversified services including coaching, consulting, and website/e-commerce development. In this time we have had many successful individuals come to us and want to participate in a complete business building program. Our training will help you succeed in our fast paced and changing industry. You’ll learn from a seasoned team of professionals with a track record of success. Our goal is to train individuals who will be prepared to run their businesses at a higher level and be a role model for others learning.

Why This Program Works

Learn and share best practices through repetition. You can enjoy the 40 hours of training that comes with the program, in addition, it is recorded for your continued reference. Plus you will learn from the audio files and their individual workbooks. Now you can work with this incredible program and be held accountable for 12 modules and then work on your own schedule and pace!

Unlike a motivational seminar for an afternoon, this training is a longer term process that helps you to break your learning down into manageable bite-size pieces and keeps the focus and accountability in place for you to achieve results. It will help you to create shifts in your business and personal life that you never thought possible.

Are you tired of working in a treatment room and want business leverage? Would you like to see your team reach their full potential? This program will work for you. Learn skills that will shift productivity towards your team and their earning capabilities taking the burden off of you.

Durocher Enterprises focuses on business improvement strategies – helping new, well-established, or even planned businesses discover how to capitalize on success proven methods. You will benefit whether you are a start-up, or taking your successful businesses to the next level.

How The Program Works

How is all of this accomplished? The answer is simple, a dynamic 12-module program. You will be sent a downloadable package with your training modules and products along with links to download the 12 audio recordings of the program. You can then easily listen from your computer or place them on your iPod.

What you will learn in your 12 module coaching program:

Modules 1-2: Hiring A Championship Team

  • 15 Traits Essential to Every Employee
  • Learn How to Hire Hard and Manage Easy
  • Job Descriptions, What Needs to be There and Why
  • Learn the Three Motivational Environments That Impact People’s Performance

Module 3: Championship Communication

  • Learn Your Natural Preferred Style of Communication
  • Learn How To Communicate and Build Relationships with the Three Styles Different From Your Own
  • Job Descriptions, What Style of Communicator Works Best With What Position
  • Learn to Use the Communication Tools to Retain Clients and Increase Sales

Module 4: Team Development

  • How to Coach a Challenging Employee
  • Turning Around Negativity in a Group Mentality
  • Setting up Championship Meetings
  • Incentives that Increase Productivity
  • Continuing Education Programs that Keep the Team on the Cutting Edge

Module 5: Creating a Dynamic Front Desk That Generates Results

  • Choosing the Right Team to Deliver Service Mastery
  • What the Job Description Really Needs to Be
  • Creating a Logical Training Process That Can be Embraced
  • Incentives that Increase Productivity
  • How To Work With Clients Under All Circumstances
  • Cutting Down on Turnover

Module 6: Retail Strategies that Produce Revenue

  • Learn What Creates a Successful Retail Environment
  • What Products Match Your Client’s Identity and Mission
  • Inventory Management and Turnover
  • Retail Incentives that Produce Results
  • Creating a Promotional Calendar and Loyalty Programs

Module 7: Setting up Team Coaching Programs

  • Why Team Coaching is the Number One Way to Increase Productivity
  • How to Set up the Program With Your Team
  • Goal Setting in the Six Key Performance Areas and Case Studies
  • Coaching Techniques that get Team Members into Action

Module 8: Marketing

  • Referral Programs and Networking
  • Creating Promotional Programs and Direct Marketing Pieces
  • Catering to Large Groups and Special Events
  • Creating a Brand Identity

Module 9: Public Relations

  • The PR 411: What publicity is…and what it is NOT!
  • The Story of You: The best way to define your message
  • Social media and how to effectively grow a revenue base from it
  • The Write Stuff: How to create press releases that really work
  • Your Media Makeover. How to ensure the spin never stops

Modules 10-11: Medical and Spa Compensation Structures

  • Learn How Pay Needs to be Tied to Performance
  • Which Compensation Plans Work and Which Ones Don’t
  • Taking Your Team Through Compensation Changes Without a Walkout
  • Discover What Benefits are Key to Retention

Module 12: Business Profit and Loss

  • Learn How Much Should be Spent in Each Area of the Business
  • How to Work With Your Budget When It Is Out of Line
  • How to Go from the “Red” to the “Black”
  • Study Real Business Case Scenarios
  • Learn the Formula for Correct Service and Product Pricing
  • Productivity and Short and Long Term Planning

The Medical Spa program includes 40 hours of recorded training time and over $4,400 worth of education. Product included are Med Spa Structure, Med Spa Compensation, Secrets of Ka-Ching, Success Circle, Coach Approach, How to Hire a Champion Team, Buzz in a Box, M2 Marketing, Frontline Service Mastery, and Powerful Protection plus Med Spa Business Plan a $1299 bonus! Over $4,400 worth of products!

The Spa program includes 40 hours of recorded training time and over $2,600 worth of education. Product included are Spa Structure, Spa Compensation, Secrets of Ka-Ching, Success Circle, Coach Approach, How to Hire a Champion Team, Buzz in a Box, M2 Marketing, and Frontline Service Mastery, plus Spa Business Plan a $749 bonus! Over $2,600 worth of products!

What You Will Take Away

You will have an increased knowledge from this medical spa training course of what it takes to manage and operate a successful business, from coaching and leadership skills to understanding how to make the numbers work. Second, you will understand how to put the skills and structure you have acquired into action and help others. Third, you will have created an opportunity to stretch yourself and grow as a professional with an opportunity for creating new income. Finally, you will have had a great time and laughed and learned while doing it!

This is an extremely rare opportunity to learn from successful people who have already made these opportunities happen. Don’t miss this chance to make one of the most valuable investments in yourself and career! Please do not hesitate to call us at (406) 863-9448, or view in my store.  You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information or with any questions you may have.


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