Bryan Durocher

Industry expert and success coach Bryan Durocher believes that health, wellness, and beauty are an organic process. Understanding and believing in your potential, overcoming your fears and obstacles, making healthy decisions about your life—all help a person present a positive, confident face to the world.

Durocher is the founder of Durocher Enterprises, a coaching and consulting firm specializing in working with the manufacturers, professionals and consumers who make the beauty and personal development industry tick. A graduate of the Corporate Coaching Program at Corporate Coach University and a Committee Chairman for Special Interest Groups with The International Coach Federation, Durocher has also worked for leading beauty industry organizations, including Clarisonic, A4M, Dermalogica, Reed Exhibitions, and Questex. In addition to providing coaching, consulting, and educating audiences at numerous speaking engagements worldwide, he has developed 20 motivational and educational products including The Success Circle, an in-depth look at individual communication styles, and The Secrets of Ka-Ching, a guide to increasing revenue and productivity for the beauty business professional.

Bryan and his team consult on entire business operations including strategic planning, finance, marketing, public relations, product development and distribution. Effectively coaching and inspiring large teams of spa and med-spa professionals internationally. Durocher works with clients on all aspects operations including business plans, employee structures, compensation, marketing, public relations, e-commerce solutions, and retail programs.

“I started my career as an image consultant,” notes Durocher, “and time after time, I witnessed the magic of physical transformation. When a person gets expert advice on their appearance, puts together a life game plan, and looks in the mirror and feels confident and attractive for the first time in their life, it becomes a catalyst for enormous change. From there, they often have the assurance to go on and do the work that has to be done to profoundly alter the course of their life.”

By adding his own focus to the beauty pros who initiate these changes, Durocher felt that he could reach more people with his work. “Now in addition I help the people who go out there every day and help others look and feel better,” he notes. “The relationship between a client and a beauty wellness professional is one of the most personal and intimate relationships on the planet. It’s an honor to help these people and, it’s inspirational.”

Bryan Durocher is the author of Wake-up Live the Life You Love in Beauty, and the founder of Essentials Spa Consulting and Durocher Enterprises. Bryan was named one of the “Top 20 People to Know in the Beauty Industry” by Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine. Durocher provides coaching, consulting, global industry trends, marketing solutions for med spas, spa and industry professionals internationally.

Durocher Enterprises has been published in many articles and has provided business education internationally including Spa Asia, A4M Australia, Europe Dubai, TSA, International Beauty Show NY, Organization Mondiale Moscow, Allured’s Face & Body, America’s Spa Expo, ISSE, the Premiere Beauty Show in Orlando, and the International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference, and contributor to NBC South Florida Today. His programs are taught at the University of Thailand and Academie Esthetique Dubai.


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