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Build it and they will come is not always the reality when it comes to a business. Having the most beautiful location, state of the art products and services, does not guarantee that your business will have the client flow that it needs. When was the last time you invested in your business, either with new furnishings, equipment, products, or education for your team? You also have to invest in a marketing and sales plan for growth. One of the most critical aspects for any business owner to consider is their marketing plan and how they are going to keep a steady flow of clients through the door. It is imperative for us to continually invest in order to stay relevant. When we pull back too much for too long we risk losing our place in the market to another business that is not going to be paralyzed by fear and is willing to risk a bit for growth. Budgets may be tight so it is important to be innovative in looking the least expensive and most profitable ways to get the word out.

Here are 5 effective strategies to accomplish profitable results from your marketing efforts.

  1. Up-sell to Established Clients
  2. Visual Testimonial Tools
  3. Direct Marketing –Keep Connecting
  4. In House Special Events
  5. Frontline Closing Sales Dialogues

Up-selling to Existing Clientele:

The 1st and most cost effective way to market is to “Up-Sell” (add-on products and services) to your existing client base.  There are several methods when combined produce effective results. Look at your top 20% of clients and offer them a special incentive to experience one of your newest offerings. Your top clients are more likely to buy something new from you since they are already a raving fan.

In the Building Marketing

Begin by asking yourself “What service/product could I offer to this client that I haven’t offered before?  This step sets you up to win each day.  Your dialogue can sound like this: “These are the unique features of the product I’m demonstrating for you today and this is how they benefit you. Allow me to show you how to best to use this product at home, so you can achieve the same results we’ve achieved today.”

Visual Testimonials:

You have a captive audience.  Your environment is the perfect showcase for large Before & After photos, framed product posters, a loop video demonstrating your products and services, brochures in your consulting room and a testimonial portfolio in your waiting area.

Invest in a Great Website

Your website is your virtual business.  Since customers typically visit your website 5-7 times before they make contact it definitively is your first impression. With the aid of professional website designers and search engine optimizers, you can attract a large number of leads that can receive automatic e-mail responses from your company.  You can have monthly newsletters; give away offers, product and service pages, service providers, and show pictures of your business as well as client testimonials.  Be aware of your content and keeping up with what’s need for Google’s algorithms Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.

Direct Mail Pieces

Keeping constant contact with your client base shows that you care. In addition it can help you attract back clients who have not returned recently.

  1. Birthday cards – Offer client 10% off a retail purchase during the month of their birthday
  2. Thank You Cards – Send out immediately after a client’s first visit to your business
  3. We Miss You Cards – Send out after you have not seen a client in 120 days
  4. Newsletter – These should be content driven first. Become a resource of information for your clients. You do not need to write everything. Perhaps you have seen an article that is relevant to your client base you can share along with highlights on your products and services. You could also have info on the community outreach your company has been doing in addition to a monthly client spotlight.

Hosting a Successful Client Recruitment Seminar: 

By now you’ve probably been invited to attend a seminar hosted by a company or a professional you know.  The main objective is to consult with as many potential clients as possible, at the same time.  Being behind a podium gives you a unique opportunity to give a (Power Point) presentation laser-focused on your targeted products and services to your target audience.

Begin by putting together your invitation list…your data base of existing leads, prospects and clients, the local media and press, members of the local Chamber of Commerce and other synergistic business owners that can cross refer clients. Be sure to include several of your very satisfied clients who are willing to stand up and give personal testimony of your work.

Advertise your seminar 1 month in advance via, newsletter, and signage in your business, etc.  Highlight the “Breakthrough Technologies” and “Unique Benefits” in your ads.  Feature giveaways, offers, coupons, free samples, gift bags and trial offers of new procedures.  Plan on a 2 to 3 hour time frame and include refreshments.

When the media arrives, be sure to hand them your press kit and a gift certificate for free services.  As your guests arrive, have travel size products in a pretty gift bag for them.

Structure your presentation to:  offer solutions, tell stories about actual client situations and results, describe treatment processes, value added benefits to client, and include facts, statistics and expert quotes.  Do demonstrations, pass samples, show before & after photos and have a menu of your services, brochures and incentives in an attendee bag for all attendees.

Conclude your presentation with the phrase…”Your next step would be… (give a call to action and create urgency…for all those interested in taking advantage of our Seminar Special, join us in the lobby to schedule your service package”.

…to make your appointment tonight for the offer to be valid”.

…to receive your service within 30 days for offer to be valid“.

Allow time for a question and answer session and for face to face networking opportunities.

Front Line Marketing and Closing the Sale: 

This is where the $ale takes place.  Role play with your team until they memorize the following closing statements: Education is key in empowering your people to perform.

  1. “Which of these products would you like to take home with you today?”
  2. “Which program package would you like to start with?”
  3. “Which service would you like to start with?”
  4. “Let’s pre-book your next 3 visits…are Tuesdays or Thursdays better for you?”
  5. “I’d like to have more clients just like you, please give these 3 referral cards to your friends and family with similar needs so I may enhance their lifestyle, and reward you with complementary products.”

There are many facets to this expansive opportunity called marketing and it can be easy to get overwhelmed without a game plan. Use some of these ideas and place them into a timeline and accomplishment in a step by step fashion. All of your small marketing tactics will allow for your big marketing goals and increased client flow to happen. The important lesson is to invest now, be smart about your resources, and reach out to successful people who have already made your goals happened and let them help you to not reinvent the wheel.

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