I just heard from a client who found out her manager also a service provider had been stealing for over 2 years. Altering computer transactions the next day after the batch close. Thus increasing her pay by adding extra tips, and wages onto her service tickets. The owner had a bookkeeper who oversaw the software reports and did the QuickBooks and bank statements. She never thought to ask her client about the discrepancies in dollars and thought it was the owner taking a large draw from the business even though she knew the owner was looking to take out a loan for covering business costs. You think she might of in that time thought to check in, ask a question, and actually understand her client’s business. The manager was arrested and my client is still investigating the numbers and may be out $50K. The money she was looking to get from loan to cover her business expenses ironically. She is a smart woman who trusted others and was spending more time working in her business that on it.

Lesson to be learned: Cross check your finances (software reports, bank statements, credit card batches) on a weekly basis. Mind who has your passwords. Count your inventory. Let everyone know you do this. Check in on the people who work with your finances and make sure they are doing their job! By having checks and balances you can more easily trust in others.

Yours in Success,

Bryan Durocher


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