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Durocher Enterprises Sample Service Pricing

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Below is a list of retail product resources to review and help build your sales opportunities.

Links to dates for retail and gift shows

Retail Displays

Music – 800-566-2862: Speak with David (404) 816-6372: Speak with George

Candles, Bath & Body Gifts Re-order minimum is $150.00, initial order is unclear due to the line you pick.  There are 6 candle lines ranging from $230.00 and up for initial order. Private Label you need to buy a minimum of 200 candles with a $75.00 set up fee. I need to find out what the price is for private label.  200 x’s ? 1-800-474-0854 Austin Texas wholesale website is   $100.00 minimum, sending fabric samples (Robes) product sample and catalog in mail. Applied for an account. Very Nice and helpful, displays come with orders. e-mail them on wholesale link Debra Van Dyke 403-229-4023 Canada, $500.00 minimum initial order.
Juva Rest Sleep Pillow 239-671-1232 Cell, Tanya or 239-282-2000.  $200.00 minimum initial order, sending catalog and samples of bath and body. Very helpful. Displays are $100.00 for 18 tier stand, $160.00 for 5 tier stand and $40.00 for 3 tier stand.

Products   If the purchase is over $500.00 in retail they give a 60% discount, if under $500.00 retail, then they give a 50% discount. She said it is a $200.00 investment plus shipping.   212-227-2044 NY.   877-517-2662
Speak with Julie Bean, $350.00 minimum, packs of 6, mailing information. Very nice and helpful. 805-577-0102
Display units are$1100 to $5000. Debbie Axen (954) 418-6110 Phone: (888) 773-9626 Nvey Organic Makeup
(859) 261-7895
Matis Skincare 972-771-0300,
Dar Reiss Depp Opening Orders Start at $3K  

Gifts   415-861-5144
Left $500.00 minimum. San Francisco.   e-mail only contact Makeup Miser 866-825-7360  
Tools to get all of your makeup out of a jar or packaging so none is wasted  

Books   (800) 654-5126 Ext 2

Apparel   Liquid Gel Insoles (952) 544-6175 clothing 844-503-3443 Accessories- Jewelry Resort wear 800-645-7873 swimwear 212-944-0317 Resort wear Resort wear 1760 Monrovia Avenue, B2,
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
888.588-5248 Headbands / accessories 415-786-4629 eyewear 1(800) 635-9848 Clothing 408.980.6688 ex 102 active wear 1.877.999.5829 Active wear (888) 474-2584 ext 1 apparel 800-975-8667

Nutrition/Food Ginny Jawidzik (603) 425-6800 Chocolates/Foods 480-510-3365
Body Coffee 925-388-0016 Chocolate Sleep Aid (888) 725-9664 Natural Sleep Aid 1-800-886-6354   Private Label Coffee 1.888.586.- 5282 Specialty Java Inc. 208 Industrial Blvd. Waconia, MN 55387 Private Label Coffee (503) 234-7788 Nutrition Products 1-800-781-3475

Retail Displays


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