Factor in the schedule both home and work especially if the meeting is outside their normal hours of working. If you have consistent monthly meetings for example you could schedule them at the same time every month and pass out a schedule in advance so people are well aware and prepared. Example, meetings are the third Wednesday of each month from 8AM10AM.

2) Get Commitment from the Team to be There

Have a signup sheet in advance that all staff members put their signature on acknowledging that they will be there.

3) Create a Meeting Outline

Prepare a written agenda ahead of time that allows you to be organized and ready to discuss the topics on hand and not wing it. Plot out the time you think you will need for each segment.

4) Organize Your Action Steps

From your list of topics you then can break each one down into action steps to make sure you are prepared with all the information and materials you will need. You want to be able to answer all of your staff’s questions. This means being able to answer the how, what, where, when, and why for all the different topics you will be covering. Remember if you aren’t prepared how can you expect your staff to understand your vision and successfully execute any projects to move your business forward and grow?

5) Photo Copy Meeting Info, Distribute and or E-Mail it

This way all of your team is informed and can prepare their own questions or share thoughts on the program. They could even give some good insight prior to the meeting that may make your time together even more productive.

6) Have all Your Materials Prepared Ahead of Time

When preparing your meeting date gather all of your tools together in one place. Whether it’s a new product launch, stats, marketing program examples don’t wait until the last minute to be organized. This can give you time to visualize using all of the tools you have gathered to inform and get your points across.

7) Practice Role-Playing

Even leaders can get a little nervous in speaking in front of a group of people. When you practice ahead of time the more at ease and confident you will feel with your presentation. You will then be able to powerfully deliver your points across and motivate your team to take action. Have you ever thought about practicing by joining a speaker’s group? Organizations like Toast Masters are excellent places to practice and sharpen your skills even if you are comfortable speaking in front of people.

When presenting in front of your group speak from your heart not from your head. This will keep them right with you.

8) Get Them Involved

Don’t be a one person speaker box. Have the staff come up with ideas on participation on business promotions and projects and how they possibly could be executed.

9) Delegate Responsibilities for Goals and Objectives

Clearly put forth what expectations are to be achieved and who is working together to make specific goals, tactics, and strategies happen. Set clear time lines and hold your team accountable to commitments

10) Keep it Positive!

In the course of your staff meeting there may arise some challenges from your team on how the business operates. Encourage each member before they start to criticize anyone or thing to have two possible solutions to the challenge they want to present. Remember to praise specifically and genuinely and not to personally confront any one person. Your meetings must stay positive and not turn into a negative blame game.

A successful business is supported by a positive environment. It is imperative to have a team that works closely together. This means clear communication and guidelines for them to follow. Having these things in place can eliminate a lot of challenges right from the start. When there is an open dialogue, employees will feel they can come and share their thoughts with you in a constructive way. In essence structure creates freedom. People do better knowing what the rules are and seeing boundaries consistently held.

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