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7 Steps to Successfully Market Your Business Part – 2

Posted on April 25, 2018 | by Marita Carroll | in Uncategorized

New client growth, retention, and cross service utilization is at the top of every owner’s wish list.  One of the best profit centers is hosting special events within your facility. As matter of fact, I think it is in the top three most effective strategies for growth along with a consistent social media program and community networking groups and functions. They all have a direct impact on customer relationships and subsequently, profits.

Hosting a Successful Client Special Event

Presentations do not have to be just about beauty. You can have experts speak about nutrition, life coaching and balance, or even financial management for women in today’s market. The important focus should be providing your target clients with relevant information that enhances their lifestyle and well-being and keeps them connected to you. You can even offer specials on products and services only available special event evenings.

Draw upon your manufacturer relationships in coordinating these events. Have their educators come in and coordinate special education along with your staff just for your clients and prospects. The event size depends completely upon man-power. If you are looking to produce sales, there should never be more than 4 clients per staff member in order to focus on individualized attention and generate retail and service revenues.

Request that your manufacturer/distributor provide you with special gift bags of products for each client attending. These could be travel sizes and samples. Partner with a local restaurant/caterer for the food and beverages. You could exchange gift cards for services provided or offer to put out their marketing materials and promote their business to reduce or eliminate your investment or better yet have your vendor pay for the catering.

By now you’ve probably been invited to attend a seminar hosted by a company or a professional you know. The main objective is to consult with as many existing and potential clients as possible, at the same time. Being behind a podium gives you a unique opportunity to give a visual presentation laser-focused on your products and services along with live demos and testimonials to your target audience.

Structure your presentation to: offer solutions, tell stories about actual client situations and results, describe service/product processes, value added benefits to client, and include facts, statistics and expert quotes. Allow time for a question and answer session and for face to face networking opportunities. Provide demonstrations, pass samples, show before & after photos and have a menu of your services, brochures and incentives in an attendee bag.

Front Line Marketing and Closing the Sale:

Tell the client what to expect. If there isn’t a magic wand handy give them the idea of the real results they can achieve. Quote the investment and be confident about it! People with a lack of confidence or people who truly don’t believe in your products or services don’t close sales! If your staff member thinks it’s too expensive for example they are going to “mind your client’s wallets” and not make a recommendation in the first place. All team members need to believe in the quality and experience of your service and products and that they enhance your client’s lifestyle.

Conclude your presentation with the phrase…” Your next step would be… (Give a call to action and create urgency…for all those interested in taking advantage of your Seminar Special, ask them to join you in the lobby to schedule their and invest in the service packages or promotions you are offering”.

…make your appointment tonight for the offer to be valid”.

…purchase your service series within 30 days for offer to be valid “.

…pre-book and pre-pay today and receive the retail product package special”.

Front Line Marketing and Closing the Sale:

This is where the $ale takes place.  Role play with your team until they memorize the following closing statements: Education is key in empowering your people to perform.


  1. “Which of these products would you like to take home with you today?”
  2. “Which program package would you like to start with?”
  3. “Which service would you like to start with?”
  4. “Let’s pre-book your next 3 visits…are Tuesdays or Thursdays better for you?”
  5. “I’d like to have more clients just like you, please give these 3 referral cards to your friends and family with similar needs so I may enhance their lifestyle and reward you with complementary products.”

Write articles for local media or professional journals and newsletters that describe the benefits of your services.

Send out publicity and press releases through local newspapers, radio, and television stations.

Participate in trade shows at the local or regional level.

When a strategy works, repeat it. But if it fails, and you have done it right, drop it. The ability to develop and implement each of the strategies above requires learning and honing new skills. It will most likely be necessary to read marketing and sales books, attend courses or workshops, or hire consultants and specialists to assist you as necessary.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Major businesses in your area may be larger in square footage or perceived prestige and resources but that doesn’t mean they are run necessarily better. Throwing money at a website or marketing does not mean they have a better plan than you.

  1. Who’s Your Competition?

As part of the market planning process, you must learn about your competitors and how to position yourself in relation to them. Describe your strengths and what you want to emphasize. Once you identify both direct and indirect competition (for example, the Internet as indirect competition), you can determine how and why your services are special and benefit clients and patients in a particular way. You can compete based on value, price, product, or service, or some combination of these. Your unique position in the marketplace must be touted in your marketing programs and marketing literature.

Selling Points Matter

What are your USPs? It’s your “Unique” approach or offerings of products and services. They can be simpler than you think. Do you have late hours for busy working professionals? Do you have ample and available parking, so your clients don’t have to drive around for 30 minutes like a vulture eyeing for the elusive prize. Do you customize a unique experience just for them? Perhaps you are the only one to retail a certain product in your geographic zone. These are selling points and should be highlighted in all your detailed marketing materials.

  1. Plan Marketing Goals that are Trackable and Traceable.

Marketing goals can include setting the number of new clients you would like to acquire, the number of people you would like to reach, or the amount of income you would like to generate. Be realistic and practical in establishing your goals. Take a good look at the available skills and resources that you can commit to implement and integrate your goals into your marketing plan effectively. Study the budget requirements for the strategies you select and plan accordingly.

The good news in this digital age is that we can monitor everything and constantly fine tune it. The numbers of opens we receive from our newsletter, to the likes, shares, and followers we acquire.

Plan your story first.

Plan out the story you want to tell before, not after, you dive into social media. Establish a vision of how you want your company to be perceived, who your customers are, how you want your customers to feel when they connect with you online, and then determine the best voice to speak for your company.  Share beauty and wellness tips and best practices. Do not just try to sell them products and services. All your efforts should be content driven with your promotions following after. That way your clients will look forward to your expertise and being informed.

You will need a good writer to communicate with your audience and someone will need to keep all the tasks rolling daily.  You can choose to assign these roles in-house or hire a professional to take care of it.  Either way, it is an important part of the success of social media.

Not all social media is created equal.  Some channels are more suited for certain types of content, promotions, messages, etc.  It is better to try your program on a small scale and collect data that will direct you to the most profitable channels for your unique story.  The takeaway here is:  Have fun and experiment!

Be persistent. Marketing projects are the sorts of things that often need to be repeated over and over before permanent change is achieved.

  1. Keep Your Eyes on the Results!

By monitoring results, you determine which of your marketing strategies are working and which are not. Identify strategies that generate leads and sales. A Customer Relationship Management Software can be very useful here. This involves tracking and evaluating customers’ responses to each marketing strategy. Survey or interview regular clients for comments about why they find a service important. As you get to know your repeat clients better, meet with them for detailed feedback and ask them for ideas and suggestions about how you can introduce your products and services to more prospects who are just like them. Client comments are invaluable for creating or enhancing your market literature, and just as valuable, these interviews lead to statements that can be used as testimonials (with permission of course) and in future marketing and promotional activities.

Concentrate your efforts on finding your ideal and best client who provide you with ongoing or repeat business.

Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. Be prepared to revise your plan as you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t be afraid of failure. When a strategy fails, view it as part of trial-and-error that you can learn from, and as a natural part of the process.

Remember there is no magic bus of clients or patients coming to your door. Now is the time to go out and get them yourself with a good marketing plan.


Yours in Success,



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