1. Hire out of desperation

The most important motto a business professional can adopt when looking for people is to “hire hard and manage easy”. Many times, when working with your team you will see businesses hiring out of “desperation” not “inspiration”. Hiring should be a constant focus even when we have no positions available. You never know when staffing can change, and you do not want to be caught out! When you are trying to fill a slot with a body it never works out. It is better to hold off in the hiring process to find the right people. The time, effort, and financial commitment it takes in hiring people who are not the right fit for the culture is too costly.

2. Creating structure to fit a person versus a candidate fitting into your established structure.

It is important when working with staff to have conversations around expectations. People thrive when they have a structure to follow. The Team Member manual and job descriptions clearly state what is expected of them and what they can expect. There is a great benefit to producing a company manual or philosophy that details the company mission statement, policies, and rules of conduct.

Everyone needs a job description that explains what they need to do for the company, as well as productivity expectations. Even if you are excited about a new prospect make sure they fit into your business model. Your new hire won’t need Botox to ease the frown lines with a written agreement in place. It can ease tension and make their job duties more professional.

3. Skip on calling or checking references

Employee Screening/Background Checks

Google your prospect, if something is in their background it might pop up at the top of the page.

Check your states highway patrol website.

Check their social media pages. Off color posts can lend an insight into who they really are. Employees represent your business everywhere they go even on their time off.

There’s a company called Global Information Network (www.searchinfo.com) that’s in Winter Park, FL, that does employee background investigations; Michael Rydell is the president.

There’s also a screening company in New York City called Fortress Global Investigations (www.fortressglobal.com) 

Drug Testing

University Services 215637-6800 www.uservices.com

4. Don’t think you can change someone

Have a process defined that allows you to delve into who your potential employees are. This is more than calling on references and doing a background check. Most people fired from a job are not terminated for their lack of skills. They are let go for personality issues. Plus, the average owner/manager keeps an employee 6 to 9 months after their first thoughts of termination arise. That can cost you dearly. Take the time to get to know and understand your prospects better and determine how they will fit into your business dynamics. Knowledge, skills, and attitude are important! We can train on the first two, the latter has to be there right from the start within your candidate.

5. Don’t skip technical demonstrations of the candidate’s skills

All service providers should have a technical interview prior to signing documents and agreeing to come to work in your place of business. In this step of the interview process you are looking for speed, accuracy, technical knowledge of their profession, and customer service skills.

All candidates preferably will be responsible for bringing in their own models for the technical interview as this shows their greater interest in working with you. Have them demonstrate several different protocols using your product lines to accomplish this. They will have to learn about your products if not familiar with them.

6. Never offer a full compensation or benefits package right away

Team members should have to complete training, test outs, and a 90-day probationary period before complete compensation and benefits kick in. All employees should be compensated with a base and/or a commission salary package. This can vary depending on the position and commission percentage due to services performed. You would pay the base draw during probation that could increase monthly until it has been completed. Also, service providers and front desk should be eligible to participate in a retail commission program after confirmation of product knowledge and recommendation skills.

7. Think about what outcomes could happen when hiring a friend or family member

You know and love your family member or friend and hopefully they’ve got your back.

They may already understand your company and how it works. You wouldn’t need to spend as much time training them with how you are going to conquer the world.

The old saying goes you can choose your friends and heck even your employees but not your family. What happens when you hire a family member or a friend to work for you? Family and friends may bring a lot to the table. But it may also have a negative effect on your business and relationship. Hiring family may allow for discord in and out of the office that negatively affect the way your business runs. Decide carefully whether hiring family is a good road to go down or a quick ticket to a “time out” for you and your business.

8. Not listening to your intuition

Pay attention to your intuition! That inner voice we all have guides us to make good decisions 99% of the time. It is only when we try to rationalize or talk ourselves into things that we get into trouble.

9. Don’t do ALL the talking

The elements of listening and powerful questions are extremely beneficial during an interview conversation.  Be aware of you and your listening levels.  Notice if you are going into distracted listening as you might begin to form an opinion around what your candidate is saying or as they describe their background or experience. Notice what research and knowledge they have discovered about your business beforehand. You will get to know them better by letting them do the talking. 

10. Have a formal training process

Once strong candidates have been hired into the business, having a plan on how you will educate the staff on the treatment protocols, is critical.  Assigning a lead service provider to oversee the training and development of new staff is a cost-effective way to accomplish goals.  Creating a standardized training protocol is the easiest way to ensure the entire staff is clear on the expectations of the business.  It is wise for every treatment a new staff member is expected to perform they receive the service once, observe the treatment being given once and perform the service twice, once on a manager and once on a co-worker or close friend of the business.  It is highly recommended to have evaluation forms for the receiving parties.  Include what expectations you have for the service provider, so the receiving party knows what to watch for.  Proper greeting of client, a thorough consultation, confidence during the treatment would be a few suggestions of key points to be aware of.  Creating a clear training program for the introduction of the product lines to new staff members must also be standardized.  Turning to your product representatives is only one way to achieve superior results.  Keep in mind, though, that product representatives are truly only responsible for product education, not retail sales training.  It is in the best interest of your business to have additional basic retail sales training.  A simple, easy to follow script for your staff about how to recommend product, how to pre-close clients while they are performing services and steps to take during the consultation are will assist to build new staff members confidence and ultimately, increase their sales.  Requiring the staff to practice these techniques with one another through role playing is one tool successful business implement.  Role playing provides opportunities for staff members to practice overcoming objections, selling to different client personalities and allows for service providers to get over any fear they may have of sales.  

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