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The Web

Almost all small businesses use their own web site to motivate consumers. A typical consumer will visit your site 5-7 times before making a point of contact. If they looking to buy product make it easy for them. Think like Amazon! Why did they develop the “One Click” option? They knew people were leaving millions of dollars in their shopping carts and not coming back. Whether it’s a move of the mouse or a call to action icon or incentive have it in place not to lose the sale. Make sure your site is Mobile responsive! Mobile searches now exceed the desktop. Consumers want all the functionality on their phone just like in their home or office.

Keeping it Social

It’s no mystery that social media is a popular way to promote offerings. Facebook now has 1.3 billion users and a vast number only on mobile. 66% of all shares on “I” devices are delivered via Facebook. Pinterest gets the dollars in. Pinterest also allows businesses to create pages aimed at promoting their businesses online. Such pages can serve as a “virtual storefront”. In one case study of a fashion website, users visiting from Pinterest spent $180 compared with $85 spent from users coming from Facebook. These users spent less time on the company’s website, choosing instead to browse from the company’s pinboard. People may be more attracted to pins of products and images than of people.

The Huffington Post noted in May a bold new move by Vogue. In a tactic that’s sort of like buying your favorite Pinterest item in stores (just reversed), Vogue is showing us how to spot a trendy item while scrolling and purchasing it on the spot. Vogue’s used Instagram to buy the items pictured with the tap of a finger.

Mobile shopping takes a few clicks, but the only thing you have to do is “heart” the photo. Vogue is using a platform called LIKEtoKnow:IT, a RewardStyle offshoot for Instagram that shows users where to purchase the outfit or item they “hearted” as soon as you sign up with the platform.

The Reviews are In!

Online reviews and directories are also popular with companies like Demandforce making it easy to get feedback from your customers to use as a marketing tool. Be mindful though as Google likes original content and you should have your own reviews on your site and not a link or duplicated reviews from somewhere else. The same goes for videos. Have a YouTube channel and have videos on your own site. Not just linking from YouTube to your site.

Community Connection

An increasing number of consumers are seeking premium products with benefits beyond their traditional use. People want to feel a sense of community and be connected to your brand. Perhaps a forum where your raving fans can share their stories about your products and services that is not limited by 3rd parties.

Forget the Competition

“You compete with Your Client’s Lifestyle Choices.” Many times it’s not the guy down the street you have to worry about. It’s about convincing your customer to choose your service choice to bring them personal happiness versus a vacation.

The Luxury Mindset

Luxury is Having Enough Time to do What You Want and the Financial Means to do it

Flexibility of Time

Life Experiences

Comfort, Beauty, & Quality

* Conference Board Study

Selling Points Matter

What are your USPs? It’s your “Unique” approach or offerings of products and services. They can be simpler than you think. Do you have late hours for busy working professionals? Do you have ample and available parking so your clients don’t have to drive around for 30 minutes like a vulture eyeing for the elusive prize. Do you customize a unique experience just for them? Perhaps you are the only one to retail a certain product in your geographic zone. These are selling points and should be highlighted in all of your detailed marketing materials.

It’s all About the Bennies

What are your business’ features and benefits? Remember the features and sell by the benefits! People only buy for two reasons. You are offering a solution to their challenge or you are providing the opportunity for good feelings. If it isn’t one of these they are not going to buy.

Why Clients Consider Your Products or Services

Why are clients considering you? Is it Ageing, A Self Esteem Boost, A Special Occasion, Lifestyle Change, or Work Related? Key in to their need and plan a strategy with them to win. Include the timeline and steps it will take to get them to the finish line. This is also very helpful if they have their own deadline date. Be their coach!

Communication Fast or Slow You Will Market Better by Who You Know

Have you ever talked with a friend, client, co-worker, or your boss and felt what you were saying was going right over their heads? You are not alone. Some of our biggest frustrations communicating with others is not being heard correctly or misinterpreting someone else’s message. This is the classic example of relating vs. relatedness. Which means moving from simply observing someone’s communication to truly walking beside them and understanding their perspective.

Being an effective communicator takes more than just listening. We have to listen contextually and hear between the lines of our communication partner to understand where they are coming from. This can be a great challenge unless we know what to look for.

It’s about people, communication and the four natural styles. When we understand and recognize another person’s natural style of communicating, we can mirror their style and produce a more positive result, avoiding the barriers that breakdown communication, cause frustration, and take away from your personal and professional quality of life.

There are four distinct natural styles of communication. Each of us will use our natural style and adapt to other styles when appropriate. In essence, each of us is a combination of all the styles and use our natural style as our primary mode of communication. For more information visit

Consultation Closer

Tell the client what to expect. If there isn’t a magic wand handy give them the idea of the real results they can achieve. Quote the investment and be confident about it! People with a lack of confidence or people who truly don’t believe in your products or services don’t close sales! If your staff member thinks it’s too expensive for example they are going to “mind your client’s wallets” and not make a recommendation in the first place. All team members need to believe in the quality and experience of your service and products and that they enhance your client’s lifestyle. Provide before and after and or testimonials to show your prospective client all the happy people who have enjoyed the results of what you have provided. Follow up! It may take more than four follow ups vial phone, mail, or e-mail before a client makes a buying decision.

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